Our Clients


Our clients are successful individuals, families, and institutions for whom we can have a substantial positive impact. They generally come from humble beginnings and believe that hard work, intelligence, education, determination and respect are the keys to success. They tend to be highly disciplined, responsible, and thoughtful about the way they go about their lives and business.

Our clients understand the best approach to solving the most difficult issues involve walking alongside people, as opposed to simply doing for them. That is why they have hired us. They want an advocate, not a salesperson. Our best clients come with questions. They ask probing questions of themselves and are able to accept uncomfortable answers. They do not hide from what they do not know. This is one characteristic that makes them successful.

Grove Street Fiduciary Clients Want…

  • The truth, even when it is hard to hear.
  • Tax planning, not just tax preparation.
  • A real advisor, not a salesperson or “representative”.
  • To know exactly how much their advisor is paid.
  • The highest (fiduciary) standards.
  • Professional degrees, not securities licenses.
  • Time with their advisor, not voicemail.



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